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Our photo of the month!


An action-packed shot kindly captured by Jim Green, MD of Boxx Communications.   Our story Boxx Communications are an independently owned telecommunications company, who have been providing fixed line rental & calls, broadband and other key utilities to UK businesses for the last 7 years.  Our Directors, Dean Burgin & James Green, bring together a wealth of telecoms experience and a passion to help businesses achieve growth by utilising technology advancements to improve productivity. As an independently owned company, we work closely with all major suppliers, to ensure that customers get the best deals across every business service. According to Trustpilot, Boxx are in the top 5 for UK internet providers, and in the top 10 for IP telephony.   Our Studio home Born & bred in Milton Keynes, Boxx have always been proud to be located in one of Britain’s fastest growing cities. We chose Milton Keynes because of the buoyant business environment and proven growth for companies in the new city. From the minimalist, contemporary décor to the modern bike & shower facilities, Witan Studios offers a vibrant working environment, perfectly suited to Boxx. The bright lighting, spacious feel and break-out areas provide the team with areas to concentrate, collaborate with others, entertain clients as well as take a well-earned break! We even have space for table tennis in the office!   Our vision Boxx are leading the way in superfast internet connectivity and are able to provide 1 gbps speeds to certain cities in the UK, including Milton Keynes! We are also part of the Government’s ‘Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme’, whereby businesses can apply for a grant of up to £3,000.00 to upgrade to a gigabit capable infrastructure. Why not get in touch?! Or even visit us at the Studios…  

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